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How to Use GolfScratchers

  • ​Give out a few cards to your golf partners before or during a round

  • ​Great for weekend rounds with friends

  • ​Fantastic for tournament fundraisers and charity events (see details below)

  • ​Remember our golf scratchers are for novelty use and fun times on the course! 

  • ​​Scratcher Messages:  Mulligan; Free Drop; Gimme Putt; Free Drop into Fairway; No Penalty for Lost Ball; Free Relief Bunker/Hazard' Improve Lie Club Length; Move to Best Ball (off the tee) - 8 card pack

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Golf Scratchers "Shipping"

 Look for our Green Bubble Mailer

 Cards Placed in #3-sized Envelope

 Thick Mailer for Card Protection

 Waterproof to Keep Cards Safe

Check out some Frequently Asked Questions

What are the card dimensions?

Our Golf Scratch Off cards are approximately 2" (W) x 4" (L). 300gms art paper, double-sided.   Thick like a lottery ticket!

What are the messages provided under the "scratch" off area?


Free Drop

No Penalty for Lost Ball

Gimme Putt

Move to Best Ball (off the Tee)

Free Drop Bunker/Hazard

Free Drop into Fairway

Improve Your Lie - Club Length

How will my golf scratch off cards shipped?

All items are shipped USPS with the option for First-Class (most economical) and Priority Mail . All shipping and sales taxes are calculated at checkout.  USPS Tracking #s always provided!

What if I have a great idea for a scratch off message?

That's great we love feedback from our customers. Feel free to email us your suggestions, comments and feedback!

What if I need to connect with the Customer Support Team?

That's no problem at all - please feel free to message us from the CONTACT US below and our support team will respond ASAP.  Email us directly at GolfScratchers@gmail.com

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